News, Media, & Communication 服务

Look here for news and communications services offered by the University; includes news offices, publications, 电话, web and video services, 和更多的.

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News and Media


的 年鉴 is the weekly publication of record and opinion for faculty and 工作人员, with news and services that extend its readership to students, 校友, and neighbors. 的 年鉴 also publishes the OB欧宝体育 日历.

的 Daily 潘sylvanian

的 Daily 潘sylvanian is 潘’s independent student news organization. 的 DP covers news, 体育, and entertainment from the University and around the Philadelphia metro area.

潘 Today

If there is news at 潘, readers will find it on 潘 Today. 的 daily online publication includes faculty, 工作人员, and student profiles, research updates, and the latest happenings on campus.

的 潘sylvania Gazette

潘’s 校友 magazine presents thought-provoking articles and information about the University, along with 校友 notes and commentary.

University Communications

Office of University Communications is 潘’s central office for University-wide news publications, press releases, media relations, and public affairs.

Visit 潘 Today
College Hall

潘 Video Network

PVN is the University’s cable television and video network, with movie channels featuring curriculum support films as well as a 潘 video bulletin board and 潘 events channel.


An online publication highlighting research and scholarship from the School of 艺术 & 科学.


的 student-run radio station, broadcast exclusively online.

WXPN 88.5 FM

Listener-supported public radio from the University of 潘sylvania.

Communication 服务

Mail 服务 and Express Shipping

潘 Mail 服务 handles all intramural mail and outgoing correspondence, including projects that require bulk mail and lettershop services.

Print and Interactive Communications

An interactive website that offers comprehensive resources to meet any communications need, including design; production and advertising services in print, electronic and broadcast formats; an online printing center 和更多的.

Electronic Communications 服务

服务 from 潘’s Information Systems and Computing including networking/connectivity, 电话, tv, video, email and calendaring as well as web hosting, 存储, and platforms.

University Records Center

Information about retrieval procedures and available resources at the 存储 facility for University and 健康 System records.

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